Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprise, surprise!!!

Well, here's my chance to see how many of you check my blog regularly. It's official: I am pregnant with #3, due February 23, 2009! I'm 8 weeks, so not totally out of the woods, but we had an ultrasound and the baby looks happy and healthy, with a strong little heartbeat.

In case you were wondering, this was not planned -- but nevertheless, we are very excited. #3 will be 21 months behind big sis Claire, who is 22 months behind big sis Julia. Could this be our shot for a boy? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One year old!

IMG_1197, originally uploaded by mrm95787.

I can't believe our baby is a year old! We celebrated Claire's first in Reno with my brother, Miles, his wife, J.J., and my sister, Sarah. Miles graduated with his MBA and we went to the ceremony. Reno is a neat town, and Tahoe is amazingly beautiful!

Princess Encounter

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Disneyland with an almost three-year-old is a blast! We were waiting in line at the Princess Faire to meet a princess when I overheard an employee say that the line was an hour and 15 minutes from where we were -- and we had already waited 30 minutes! Julia was overtired and I knew that this was not a good idea. As we ducked under the rat maze to exit, an employee came up and gave us a special pass to return in an hour for a private meet and greet with Cinderella. It was so cool! Julia spent 5 minutes or so with Cinderella and her fairy godmother in a private room! She's a very lucky girl!

Claire's First Ears

IMG_1118, originally uploaded by mrm95787.

Julia was lucky enough to live in LA for a few months early in life, but Claire had her first trip to Disneyland in May. We had a blast! Mark, who formerly grumbled about the commercialism behind such theme parks, asked me if we should get season passes. I guess this is what being a Daddy will do to a guy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A day in the life of Julia

IMG_0958, originally uploaded by mrm95787.

One crazy little girl

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


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Okay, so it's next to impossible to get a decent picture of the girls together. Oh they are in their Easter dresses.

One swingin' chick!

IMG_3968, originally uploaded by mrm95787.

Claire having a blast as her Uncle Greg pushes her on the new swing set